Just Some of What Many Stylists Are Saying about Working with Dawn:

…so that I could also thrive as a Stylist. She positively impacted my career by showing me what it means to be both personable and connect with my clients, as well as professionally delivering a one-of-a-kind quality service.”

—Jenna W.

she is able to deliver information in a way that… makes you feel inspired and empowered.”

Dawn is confident, bold, kind, skilled and forward thinking… She is direct and will not tip-toe around anything… but she is able to deliver information in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling bad–it’s her positive reinforcement and confidence that I like.”

—Stephanie V.

I had hesitations about Dawn’s class – I thought it might be just another class … but since the class … I’ve become more attentive to goals and how easy it really is to make more money with timings and more skills for my toolbelt… [She] makes you very aware of everything and shows you that you really can make more money in easy ways. Dawn, you’re awesome! I appreciate you taking the time … to make me better at what I do. I would recommend anybody that can to take a class with Dawn!”

—Nicole L.

I was pretty excited to learn other aspects of the business. Since the class I have been more aware of adding on services – it really does add up and has made a big difference in service, sales, and income. I love that Dawn is so thorough and passionate, and all the pieces of advice she has shared… there is so much to learn from Dawn… she is a great teacher! I would recommend working with Dawn – it would be great for newer Stylists to open horizons and beneficial for seasoned Stylists for maximizing income.”

—Amber H.

I didn’t really have any hesitations about coming to the class with Dawn … I was excited to learn how to make more money! I specifically liked getting [myself] in the right mind set before work. It’s a good reminder that if you … put the time into your business, it WILL grow! Since the class I ask EVERY client about addon services … people I didn’t expect to say “yes” did! I would recommend working with Dawn!”

—Carissa W.

…of becoming successful in this industry. I hit my goals and am now a happy and confident Stylist.”

—Stephanie A.

Dawn broke down everything so that it didn’t seem overwhelming. I now look at my day and feel like I have much better consultations. Great consultation = happy client! Dawn is an experienced Stylist who gives advice that actually pertains to you and your business. I think that every Stylist could benefit from working with Dawn – your goals are achievable if you follow the steps she gives! Dawn is dedicated to make you successful!!”

—Jillian D.

Since working with Dawn, I have a more solid routine to start my day off, I sound [more] confident and professional … I feel more motivated to provide the best experience for my clients – all of which makes me more money! Most of all I feel like I could excel in any environment! Dawn is amazing and motivational! She is passionate, driven and truly wants everyone to be the best they can be. Working with Dawn is amazing for all people! I would definitely recommend working with her!”

—Haley R.

I’m always afraid of the feeling like I don’t retain much … but I feel like I’m now able to take control of the appointment … spending more time shaping my mind before work. Dawn is real while still keeping things productive – giving enough without giving too much – giving a lot of examples to take and make [my] own. Dawn’s work and business is very inspiring – I would recommend working with Dawn – it inspires me all over again!”

—Summer S.

 to get me there, too. Working with Dawn has taught me so much… beyond cutting hair. She trained me in the business of being a Stylist: how to set up my day for success; how to have a great consultation; how to track my numbers… and much more. She is positive and makes everyone around her want to be better at their job. Thank you Dawn!”

—Alicia G.

…but Dawn taught me how to be successful and how to gain new clients by showing me the appropriate steps … She is an inspiration.”

—Tasha C.

I felt like I wouldn’t learn that much because I am so far from making that much money! Dawn makes you think of ways to grow your business in ways you don’t always think of, but that are easy to do! I would certainly recommend working with Dawn!”

—Syndey V.

Now I feel more confident in offering addon services.”

I want all [the] knowledge that is available to me. Being successful is everyone’s goal… but most of the time, we just don’t know where to start, or how. So, best way to learn is from someone who has been there, done that, and is willing to share. I feel I now know the “why’s” behind the things I am doing. Now, I feel more confident in offering add-on services. I would absolutely recommend working with Dawn!”

—Jennifer B.

I know an early morning class is hard … [but] physical interaction keeps my attention better. I specifically liked the role-playing consultations and hearing feed back from other Stylists – they thought of things that would never cross my mind. I would recommend working with Dawn! Just bringing to light all of the bad habits us Stylists get into, and how to fix them is worth it! I love Dawn’s positivity and love for the business!”

—Amber H.

I had no hesitations about attending one of Dawn’s classes – I liked the explanation of how/why to keep better track of [my] numbers … the information and strategies are very helpful… Dawn is such an upbeat and inspiring person… who works hard and is always inspiring. I would recommend working with Dawn!”

—Liz S.

“Dawn is able to bring a unique perspective in terms of being ready and organized in your day … and how important it is to treat each and every client, as they are the most important part of your day!

Within the business, this has been great for the newest talent to start out right … plus lighting a fire under the more experienced Stylists. Dawn is clear and to the point of good business – she is excellent on delivering on agreed expectations.

I would recommend working with Dawn – she would give good and motivating information to other Salons and their Stylists!”

—Lisa W.
Vice President, Design 1 Salon Spa

“As a Stylist herself, Dawn is able to bring a unique perspective… this resulted in my Stylists being able to strengthen their consultations and have more confidence.

Dawn’s first-hand experience and knowledge means she was able to bring a new perspective to my staff. I would recommend working with Dawn–she is also able to bring this same perspective to other Salons and their Stylists.”

—Paige C.
Manager, Design 1 Salon Spa
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