Learn what it takes to become a Six Figure Stylist!

Learn What It Takes To Become a Six Figure Stylist!

I'm here to help you become more successful.

We help hairstylists grow their business so they can make more money and live life on their terms.

"Dawn helped me achieve my goal…

…of becoming successful in this industry. I hit my goals and am now a happy and confident Stylist.”

—Stephanie A.

"Dawn truly poured everything she knows into me…

…so that I …so that I could also thrive as a Stylist. She positively impacted my career by showing me what it means to be both personable and connect with my clients, as well as professionally delivering a one-of-a-kind quality service.”

—Jenna W.

"I thought I had the whole hair business aspect down…

…but Dawn taught me how to be successful and how to gain new clients by showing me the appropriate steps… She is an inspiration.”

—Tasha C.

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